Johnny McDaid, novio de Courteney Cox, operado de urgencia por un problema en el cuello


Johnny McDaid, novio de Courteney Cox, operado de urgencia por un problema en el cuello

El guitarrista y pareja de la actriz de 'Friends' tendrá que ser intervenido de urgencia tras haberle detectado entre varios neurocirujanos un grave problema en el cuello.

Johnny McDaid, novio de Courteney Cox, operado de urgencia por un problema en el cuello

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We are sorry to have to announce the cancellation of more shows. Our dear brother, piano and guitar player Johnny McDaid has a serious problem with his neck and after consulting with some top neurosurgeons they are all in agreement that the only course of action is immediate surgery. We are all of course worried about our brother Johnny. He is a force of nature and a giant light in our lives on stage and off and we of course will give him all the time and support he needs to recover. Johnny has been incredible in the wake of this news and has remained calm at a time when a lot of people might freak out. As for the upcoming shows: to replace Johnny it would take at least two people and with Nathan still out with nerve damage (he is slowly on the mend) he is also still unable to play guitar we feel it's just not appropriate to continue with shows at this stage. It isn't just their guitars and pianos that would be missed. Their backing vocals are essential to our sound and their energy and spirits are colossal and are irreplaceable forces. We are sure you all understand that at this point the most important thing is to take time to let our brothers heal and recover so we need to cancel the forthcoming shows we are billed to play in Europe this summer up to Latitude on the 20th of July to give them both time to recover. As the doctors have said Nathan needs another 4 weeks recovery we are sure that we will be able to do the acoustic tour of Asia, Australia and New Zealand in August as Nathan will very likely be healed in time. We will of course keep you informed of both Nathan's and Johnny's progress. We have hardly ever cancelled shows in 25 years together and we don't do it lightly. We hope you all understand. We are sorry to miss the shows but health is the most important thing. All our love and healing to our brothers Johnny and Nathan. gL.x

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No han querido entrar en muchos detalles acerca de lo que ocurrirá y del estado del artista, solo han hablado de la tranquilidad que ha mostrado tras haber recibido la noticia y han asegurado que ha sido en un momento en el que mucha gente no habría podido con la presión. Snow Patrol ha confirmado a los fans que los mantendrán informados. Por su parte, Courteney Cox no se ha pronunciado en las redes ni ha dado más detalles al respecto, solo se sabe que hace tan solo unos días subió una publicación a su cuenta de Instagram en la que decía: "¡Mi regalo de cumpleaños todo el año! Te echo de menos".

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